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    We are in closed BETA at the moment.

ABOUT meetingplace.io

meetingplace.io provides an engaging real-time collaboration platform for conducting online meetings all in one place!

Screen Sharing

Our services

Below are some typical usage scenarios but really the sky is the limit.

Keeping In Touch

Using the built in video conferencing facility you can meet love ones anytime. It will be as if they are in the same room as you!

Company Meeting

You can quickly setup a company video and/or audio meeting. Use dashboard tools such as notepad and to-do list to facilitate the meeting.

Client Demo

You can use screen sharing facility to demo a product to the client. Let them see what you see.


Our custom webinar dashboard allows you to conduct and sell via webinars. Let dozens of people attend and watch your presentation. Engage audience using dashboard tools.

Meetings, clearly, can take place anywhere. Wouldn't it be nice to see your coworkers lounging on the grass with their shoes off?

Tom Hodgkinson

Meet the team

We are continuously looking for talented people to join the team. Let us know if you want to join the team!

Marcus Doe

Dzulkiflee Taib


Dzulkiflee is visionary leader that is passionate about leveraging technology for the greater good. He is a strong advocate for peace through travel and communication.

Why choose us

We are passionate about using technology to leverage communication. Our platform will be continuously and religiously improved to ensure user engagement and satisfacation.

Why to choose us

Are you board of seeing the same communication layout and look and feel all the time?

Our multiple dashboards concept allows you to customise your communication experience. Not only does it look good, but it also morphs according to what type of meeting you are having. Simply drag and drop from a choice of dozens of widgets that facilitates your meeting.

Are you tired of having to switch between multiple windows when you are having a conference call?

Our platform allows you to have whatever you need, right there at your fingertips so you don't have jump around between tabs and windows during a call.

Technically speaking, we utilise cloud technology to make it so that the resource can grow as you grow your audience.

You only pay for only the level of facility that you need. We are continuously testing the limits and improving performance.

You are not locked in to a long term contract. Terminate anytime and rejoin again when needed in the future.

We do reward loyalty, so the longer you are with us the more value you will get out of your subscription.

Internally, we use the platform for our own staff in the Matchbyte group of companies.

We will automatically improve it to be as useful to us as possible and hence you will reap the benefit too through continuous updates.

We believe that through better communication we all can live a better live and ensure our children grows up into a better tommorrow.

Also, by using our platform, you will help us fund many initiatives towards global world peace.

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Some facts about us (Updated When We Go Live Officially)

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Pricing Tables


Rare Communicator


Per Month

  • Public meeting places
  • Small meeting rooms
  • Ads driven


Regular Meetings


Per Month

  • Whatever is in Starter
  • Medium meeting rooms
  • No Ads


Celebrity Talker


Per Month

  • Whatever is in Chatter
  • Big meeting rooms
  • >25 people


Business Account


Per Month

  • Whatever is in Influencer
  • Payment facilities
  • Corporate branding